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YongGang tablets

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Natural Herbal Viagra – YongGang Pills

Yonggang Specifications

1.sex pill
2.Natural Health Products UAE
3.Experience the power of Nature
4.Fatigue Resistance

Yonggang sex pill

Main ingredients:
Epimedium 20%,Schisandra Fruit 15%,Morinda Officinalis 20%,Poria 10%,
Chinese Yam 15%,Ginseng 5%,Wolfberry Fruit 5%,Polygonatum Sibiricum 10%
Health care function: Fatigue Resistance
Suitable for:Fatigue Person,Male Dysfunction,Short Penis,Erectile Disfunction

Not suitable for:Pregnant women,Infants&Juvenile
How to take: 1-2 tablets each time to be taken before meal
Approval No.:SFH No.(G2006)0046

750mg*8 tablets per box

Storage:Keep in cool&dry place
Best used:24 months from date of production
Precaution:the product can not replace drugs.
Specially produced for Natural Health Products UAE

Experience the power of Nature

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