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1 Big Box (6 boxes / 6 pills box -36 Pills – Zhong Hua Niu Bian


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zhong hua niu bian (Model: zhonghua niubian blue edition:2000mg * 6 tablets/box, zhonghua niu bian red edition: 800mg * 6 tablets/box)
herbal extract for male supplement;
promote penis grow rapidly and make penis size increase;
It is all natural without any side effect

zhong hua niu bian herbal extract for male supplement absorb all natural ingredients and estracted by modern high technology, 100% safe and health for our body. zhong hua niu bian designed for cure male low libido and enhance sex desire, healthily prolong sex time and enlarge penis bigger and thicker. the effect can last long for 120 hours! lower price and better effect sex medicine for males and females come from ~

1. Promote the penis growth rapidly.
2. make penis size increase.
3. solve the short penis effectively.
4. Effect can last long for 120 hours.
5. Have good effect on prostate patients
6. all natural, without any side effect

suitable group:

suitable for people suffering from early ejaculation, sexual disorder
and week on sex desire, small penis, prostate patients.

[Usage] 1 pill per time before sleep, or 2-0-30 mins before intercourse. 3 days per pill for daily care!

1. Do no take more than 1 pill per time!
2. Drink more warm water when get erection many times!
3. Do not take twice within 24 hours.


Zhong Hua Niu Bian

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